June 13, 2017                        Walla                        By Avner Shavit

Title: What would’ve happened if Anne Frank survived the Holocaust?

Chen Drachman, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and an Israeli residing in New York, is raising funds for a short, intriguing film, which tells the story of an alternate reality in which Anne Frank is still alive.

More than seventy years after Anne Frank’s death, pop culture is still fascinated with her story. Director Ari Folman (“Waltz with Bashir,”) is in the process of completing an animated feature about Anne that is sure to make waves, and on the short films front, there’s also an interest in what happened to her, or more accurately – what could’ve been.

Chen Drachman is currently raising funds to produce her award winning script, Ruth’s, which portrays an alternate reality in which Anne Frank survived, lived to this day, and even started a family.

According to Drachman, the script is based on an official study by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Once written, Drachman contacted the Anne Frank House which encouraged the making of the project and called it “daring and intriguing.”

Drachman was born in Israel, she’s the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. In the last few years she’s been residing in the United States, working as an actress and a filmmaker, and Ruth’s, as far as she’s concerned, is an opportunity to discuss themes of history and memory that has always fascinated her. In order to produce the film, she launched a crowd-funding campaign. So far, she managed to raise $3,500, 11% of the required sum. Those who wish to donate as well or at the very least read more about the film, can do so on the official website.