From the Film and TV department at Eylon High School in Holon – To the Biggest Festivals Around the World

Israeli creator and Eylon High School alumni Chen Drachman’s film is an official selection in three international festivals.


Chen Drachman, an actress, writer and producer, an alumni with honors of the Film and TV department at Eylon High School in Holon with specialty in production and script writing, is the woman behind a new American project called Ruth’s which will be produced around the greater New York area and is a non-profit project.

The film follows a loaded encounter. The granddaughter, Lizzy, is trying to confront her grandmother with something she’d suspected for years – her grandmother is Anne Frank.

The script has been influenced by a real research that was released by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in April 2015.

The script was already an official selection in three festivals/competitions including – Toronto International Film and Video Awards (TIFVA,) and the NYC Independent Film Festival which also hosted a partial reading of the script.

In addition, name actors showed interest in taking part in the project, but production is still trying to raise the funds necessary to make the film a reality. Production is doing so with a crowd funding campaign.